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A Drop in the Ocean

The journey to true greatness does not lie within the past, nor can it be found in the future. True greatness happens in the here and now. How do we find it though? Where does it reside? Is it plainly hidden or too conspicuous to be well received. On my journey into the unknown, I’ve uncovered many scenes that have changed my understanding of what is, rather than what could be.   I’ve often had the conversation, what makes a great movie or show? There are so many to choose from nowadays, how do you weed out the ones that aren’t worth watching? In truth, there are too many B rated films on A budgets. Multi-million dollar remakes that pale in comparison to the original. Vice versa there are fewer still A rated films on B budgets. Even if the B really means “the none normal.” Movies are one thing because if they fail, there is still a good chance someone down the line will think it's a good idea to remake them. For shows, however, it is often a one a and done. Shows do not have the