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Top Shelf, Top hat

 There is something real about the golden age of movies. I'm not really talking about the time period, I’m more or less talking about the storylines. So many movies today are renditions of movies that were once dubbed originals. The well-written, planned, shot, and practiced moments of a forgotten era when time stood still long enough for the audience to breathe. Rather than sit idly on their phones watching the world pass by in a few measly well choreographed staged fruit baskets. We are so concerned with the truth of movies today and how well they portray real or fake life, we often forget the substance behind the story even if it is original. Like many movies of today, I find people more consumed with the actors themselves than the part they portray or the scandal behind the story, rather than the story itself.  More often good movies are dubbed sub-par while even B-rated films even if they have an inkling of something special are dubbed flops. Sometimes it's not the actual