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The Hunt for Red October, November and December

 Is it just me or are films duller than they used to be?

 I'm of course not saying all films, oh no; but certainly most. It has been a very long time since I've seen a film that had me gripping the edge of my seat; and I'm not talking horror because most horror films make me actually leave my seat, never to return. For the first time, I recently watched The Hunt for Red October (1990) which I had never seen before nor watched the trailer for. I was astounded by the stellar cast which was all male. It didn't bother me though because all that testosterone pumping didn't diminish the film by a long shot. In fact, I'm glad the cast was all male, there weren't any funny jokes directed toward women and it didn't matter there was no love story. I find in many films with a heavily male cast; can be downgraded by adding in parts or characters that have no business being there. I know we are living in a society now where movies, films, and stories are more inclusive, but if there were no women on board the submarines in History then don't add them for inclusivities' sake. History isn't always about righting past wrongs, it's just about rereading the story. Anyways, Red October was phenomenal and after watching the film I found they only won one academy award for sound editing. I mean the sound editing was good and all that, but I thought the thrill of the story and the acting was actually quite amazing. I think it's hard to base movies on academy awards nowadays, especially with the debacle of the pandemic. Which created a slew of unearthly horrible films and some good ones, but because of sickness, no one went to the theaters. I was definitely surprised when west side story got some nods, as the original is far superior. 

I would say the story of Red October, is pretty original and the thrill of the chase is quite good. I also found the feeling of unease very prolific in the film and kept you guessing throughout. We as an audience flip-flopped through each scenario dissecting every facial twitch, the moment of silence and clock ticking for the torpedo to strike us. sure the CGI was pretty bad, that's 90's computers for you. the music was thrilling enough and most of the film takes place either in the submarine or outside in the water. It felt tight and claustrophobic like we were actually in the submarine. being able to transport an audience into the film is a rarity for me. It's odd watching films about Russia when the news nowadays is filled with their antics. It's reassuring though that maybe movies are following along with the designated program of what we call history in many respects. 

Historical references 78%  the abyss 6/10  pinging 9.1

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