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The Laundromat (2019) VS Space Truckers (1996)

I'm posting this question, as an exercise in writing. Can two none relatable movies relate to each other? Or is it better not to force two things that are separate from each other into a predicament that could cause pain and possibly certain death. Like telling me mayo goes great on everything! I highly doubt this, but I'm sure there are  people in the world just heaping dollops on mayonnaise on unsuspecting banana splits like whipped cream.  

I recently did a double feature with my boyfriend, after the second film I completely forgot the first. The first one being less strenuous in its special effects than the second by a few bars. We watched The Laundromat on Netflix. A in depth money laundering movie that explained the process of how to become a millionaire with offshore accounts rather than by the books via Money Laundering for Dummies. The movie starts off with a tragic accident and through insurance claims we find out the insurance is a fraud and is trying to defraud the non fraudulent. Basically David Shwimmer paid for cheap insurance and got cheap results. The movie portrays little vignettes for each part of their step by step guide in how to not get caught. Although by the end your'e just begging Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman to hang up their fancy suits and put on striped pajamas. It was a smooth movie, the characters sailed along and their material was easy to digest. It wasn't ground breaking, I didn't learn anything new. the movie is based upon a real story and the fact of the matter is the story probably is not the first and wont be the last. People are still setting up shell accounts for hermit crabs everywhere! (crab joke) No seriously though, for someone who doesn't know what money laundering entails or how far back it can stretch, it is a good watch. Meryl Streep does an interesting accent with a fake butt and I'm still satisfied by her ingenious acting prowess. 

Now for the second film, we left Netflix behind and started checking out titles on Prime. After about the 7th title I spotted something on the far left and begged him, literally begged him to click on it. The fact of the matter is I had not seen it since I was a kid, maybe 11 years old. Ya know how movies are when your'e a kid though right? Even the bad ones are golden, they shine a like a beacon of hope through puberty and restless teenage angst. Anyways my boyfriend had never seen Space Truckers so in my mind I felt like i was doing him a favor in pronouncing its GREAT! Quite literally it was, but in a different light now that I'm 35 and can see the strings holding up the fake zero gravity space station. The movie doesn't hold up for special effects 25 years after it's release. However I would say the make-up is still spot on and the absence of actual blood is kind of a plus. Think less ALIEN and more SPACE BALLS. In fact after the movie thats just what my BF said, it would have been better if they embraced the comedy more in this film and gone the spaceball route rather than trying to mold sci-fi, comedy and drama into one. Dennis Hopper is the lead in this film however his character is underwhelming as he doesn't take the lead with gumption. I'm used to seeing his acting contain some sort of surly, ex-military man with a huge chip on his shoulder, the kind of chip that cannot never be filled. Most of the film is easy to guess, the timing of the deaths, who will survive the shootout, who will end up together in a steamy rocket. I wonder when Debbie Mazar signed her contract it said: You will be wearing underwear for most of the movie, but then you get to kick some ass at the end. Its funny where it needs to be, but theres no real drama and the times you look for it, its more fleeting then a shooting star. 

Now the question, can these two movies line up in some way? I think yes, although maybe not in the way you expect. I would say they are portrayed well not A+, but not flunking out. The dialogue is good and they get to the end of the story without much fuss. You leave thinking that was fun, but I wont be doing it again anytime soon. Space Truckers delivers no real ending, the future is unknown and the life they lead has a low mortality rate and low wages. Dennis Hopper will always be a trucker, you know he's not doing anything else in space and that Debbie Mazar will always be a sexy waitress. Their characters are set in stone. In the Laundromat money laundering will always occur. It's never going to stop. Both movies are selling you something, fake cash and real cash, a promise of way to get to the cash. The sad part is, no one ever gets the cash.

The laundromat (2019) 6/10 for attention seeking, 8.5 overall watchability,  Casting 8, scene believability 56%, movie ticket price $11.99 office supplies ratingπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“Ž πŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“Ž (7)

Space Truckers (1996) 23% stupidity, 48% likability, 29 hotdogs, sexy non explicit outfits 8.7 junk food ratingπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• (5)


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