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The Heart of Heartbreak

 Has there been an album that has spoken to you this past year? A record or a song that replays in your mind and has become your anthem? Often I make playlists that become monumental in my daily routines. Shaping the way I put on clothes or drive to work. I put so much effort into each track, hoping it will flow the right way and lead me into a better mindset. Even though after listening to them over and over I start to gravitate towards one or two songs like snacks. I can't get enough of them. 

I'm sure for many people, Adele's new album has brought back memories of previous albums and artists we crave. Albums that grow on you like friendships or break you like relationships. The kind where you emerge from the ashes like a phoenix rising, hopefully in a better mindset. Adele's 30, reminds us of the hardship we have to endure to find ourselves again after a life altering moment. Wether it be love, loss, death or birth. The never ending cycle we cycle through emotionally, physically or spiritually. 

I of course was completely in love with the whole album the moment I listened and consequently its been on repeat on number of occasions. Reminding me of my own hardships and miscalculations. The life you find after chaos. However I could't help falling in love with another album of a similar nature and tone. If you haven't listened to Cleo Sol, you should def check her out, especially her album Mother, which coincidently was also released in 2021. Her music is just as soulful as Adele, but bittersweet and more poignant. Don't  get me wrong I can't praise Adele enough. I love her ode to oldies with an R&B edge, soul and the new age pop we have come to enjoy. The rhythms in Hold on are to die for while, my little love is a beautiful rendition of what motherhood can mean. Easy on me, her single showcases Adele in the light of, "hey, not all things are easy, but give me time to figure them out." many songs in her album are like that. Asking for forgiveness, until she realizes she doesn't need to forgive herself. A question and answer we all have to face. 

Back to Cleo Sol, her album mother depicts many of the same chapters Adele's 30 faces. Loss after love, rebirth after birth, motherhood, trials of being a mother, holding on to hope and so on. Cleo takes on these subjects with just as much emphasis, but less orchestrated candor. We get to feel enraptured by her voice, like she's telling us a story, vs Adele's although equally to die for. Sol's 23 reminds me of Hold on. Except Sol's rendition is a little more upbeat with solo percussion and step by step instructions. Sol's voice carries with solemn gratitude more so than Adele, the feeling of knowing things will be alright rather than looking for the answer. there are a few songs that become anthems in their own right, as if repeating the phrase over and over again will make it come true, or at least we hope it will. I think that is part of of the hardship we can't help, but fight against.  

The thing about music is even though we find ourselves connecting to it with our own hopes, dreams and realities. It is really one sided. The singer or the writer wrote a story from their perspective. We just interpret to mean what we see in it. If your'e looking to dive deeper into Adele and immerse yourself in her story, I strongly encourage you to check out Cleo Sol, you might find a connection there or chapter you've overlooked. 

Try out these songs in order and I think you'll get the big picture. 

1. Promises-Cleo Sol

2. Easy on me-Adele

3. Hold on-Adele

4. 23-Cleo Sol

5. Cry your heart out-Adele

6. Know that you are loved-Cleo Sol


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