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Lost in Photoshop

 I've been painting since forever. For the last ten years I've been interested in painting patterns. Asymmetrical patterns, basically painting, are not really patterns per say. However, I often see my paintings as larger meticulous art that descends up and around the room in a motion that resembles patterns. Like the way, your eye interprets lights when the lids are closed or when you see a flash and the pattern cascades in your view till it finally disappears. Photoshop is my nemesis in that regard. I take my regular, paintings and transform them over and over again. At some point, they are unrecognizable, and sometimes I can still pinpoint where they came from. I don't know if this is a good thing, however. Often I find when in photoshop time stands still while recreating and creating. 2 hours becomes 9 in a snap and in that time sure I could create 1-2 paintings while photoshop creates 7-8 different versions of the same idea. I like the mirror patterns the best for they resemble more of the eye-catching light phenomenon I talked about earlier. Here is one example of art I've been recreating. I'm wondering if this is something people might be interested in or is too overplayed like victorian wallpaper. 

I did this painting in 2022, it is about 24"x30 give or take, I took just one small 5x5 square and recreated two patterns just using the square. Then I created a third one using the whole image. I probably could have made more. That's where Photoshop is my nemesis. I still love the painting by themselves, but I fall in love with their clones. 

I don't know if it's a good thing at this point, to recreate patterns via the original. However, it sure is fun to look at. 


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